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I have served the WTC 9/11 Community since the beginning. I sat through many hearings conducted by the City of New York. Hearing after hearing I listened with great humility to the stories of horror as detailed by New York’s Bravest. I handled claims on behalf of 63 widows of NYC Firefighters murdered on 9-11. It took all the strength I could muster to do so. Truth be told, whatever strength I may have had was dwarfed by the courage displayed by these women. I lost three childhood friends on that day. I have wept alone after long days which took such am emotional toll. After all, I was not a Rabbi, Priest or Counselor. But it was all I could do to serve in the face of such horror. And that is why no matter what the cost, you will never see the burning and/or collapsing twin towers or the World Trade Center Memorial in my advertisements or posts. It is another way that I choose to honor those who have lost. Never Forget.

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