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If you are a survivor of child sexual abuse, you are not alone. Many survivors like yourself struggle to share their stories. They did not have a voice as children, and they may not know how to discuss their experiences as adults. Still, that abuse from long ago resonates in their everyday lives. Many survivors of child sexual abuse experience PTSD, depression, drug addiction and other devastating conditions that haunt them for years.

It is important to know that even if you could not raise your voice when the abuse occurred, you have the chance to do so now. Several states have passed Child Victims Act legislation that allows survivors to demand justice even if the abuse happened many years ago. If you suffered childhood sexual abuse at the hands of someone you trusted, such as a clergy member, teacher, coach or foster parent, you may be entitled to compensation through the Child Victims Act.

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California Child Victims Act of 2019

The California Child Victims Act of 2019 has made a monumental change for California adults who wish to commence litigation against those who sexually abused them, or permitted such abuse, during their youth. Previously, the statute of limitations required such claims to be brought before the survivor turned 23 years old. Now, the period in which someone can file a child sex abuse claim lasts until they are 55.

Who May Be Held Liable Under the Child Victims Act?

Another key element of the Child Victims Act gives survivors the ability to bring a lawsuit against public institutions without first filing a Notice of Claim. Often, the individual abuser might not possess the resources to provide suitable compensation, so taking action against the institution that allowed the abuse to occur might be the best legal option. This could be a public or private school, a religious organization, a scouting group or any other entity that contributed to the sexual victimization.

Is It Worthwhile to File a Lawsuit?

Some survivors might hesitate to file a lawsuit for fear of dredging up painful memories. They might also wonder if money can undo the terrible harm they suffered. Sadly, nothing can erase what happened, but with a financial recovery, you can receive some relief while establishing a measure of accountability for those who hurt you or allowed you to be abused.

How Can an Older Case Be Proven?

Though proving sexual abuse from years ago can be a challenge, there are many ways to present a compelling, well supported case. We supplement testimony from the survivor with documentary evidence and statements from other witnesses regarding proximity to the predator and the effects of the abuse.

How Long Will a Case Take in California?

Each situation has its own unique elements, so there is no typical case or timeframe. Sexual abuse claims can be very complicated, especially if the acts in question occurred many years ago. The discovery process might be difficult and contentious. On the other hand, a defendant individual or institution could be looking to close the matter as quickly as possible. After a review of your circumstances, our team can assess how long it might take to reach a resolution.

Will Criminal Charges Be Applied if My Abuser Is Found Liable?

Civil claims for monetary damages have different legal standards than criminal proceedings brought by prosecutors. The criminal statute of limitations might not allow for a prosecution. Though the information unearthed for your civil claim could prompt a criminal investigation, victims do not have control over whether the District Attorney’s Office brings a case against their attacker. 

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