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If you need a New York City pedestrian accident attorney to defend your legal rights against the driver who ran into you, The Marcowitz Law Firm, PLLC can help. Eddie Marcowitz and his team represents their clients’ cases from start to finish, and makes sure you get the justice you deserve during insurance negotiations and in court. We understand how devastating a pedestrian accident can be for both the victim and their family and we are dedicated to obtaining the compensation you deserve.

What Are the Top Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in New York?

Dangerous behaviors such as drunk driving and speeding threaten pedestrians even more than people in other cars. It is much easier to see a car or truck than a person, so a longer reaction time is required. Whether your injury can be attributed to a distracted driver, failure to obey a red light or some other cause, our firm will seek to maximize your financial recovery. We will also counter defenses that try to push the blame back on you, such as allegations that you darted in front of the car, went out of the crosswalk or ignored a traffic signal.

Even in collisions where the vehicle is not traveling very fast, someone who is struck while walking could suffer catastrophic harm. We are well-versed in litigation involving traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage and other types of physical harm that require long-term treatment. If you lost a loved one to a pedestrian accident, Eddie Marcowitz is an accomplished New York City wrongful death attorneyand will help you pursue damages.

Examples of Common Pedestrian Accidents

At any time of the day or night, people are walking on New York City streets. Most of the time, pedestrians and motor vehicles can coexist safely, but some locations, such as crosswalks and parking lots, are especially dangerous. With so much foot traffic, a short loss of control could result in something tragic. New York City introduced the Vision Zero initiative several years ago in an effort to eliminate pedestrian and cyclist deaths, but these fatalities rose significantly in 2020. Our firm takes on all types of pedestrian accident cases, even situations involving hit-and-run defenants who left the secne before police could arrive.  

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